Our new stat reports provide even more information to help coaches thrive.

Statistics have taken an increased role in coaches’ game plans over the past few seasons. Staffs comb through the stats to try and unearth any trends, patterns or numbers that might give them an edge over their opponent.

We’ve always worked to provide revealing statistics, but this year we’re taking those reports to a whole new level. Hudl Assist users now get exclusive access to additional layers of data, which now include revamped tendency reports, interactive box scores and our brand new drive charts. 

These additions make it easier than ever for coaches to find new insights and improve their team’s performance.

Tendency Reports

The best way to beat the opposition is to know what they’re going to do before they do it. The new tendency reports give an advanced breakdown on what a team has done in certain situations in the past, allowing you a good prediction on what they might do in the future.

These reports provide stats based on play direction, pre-snap motion, hash, down and distance and area of the field. Curious to know what your opponent called most often on third-and-short situations in their previous game? How about what side of the line they’re more likely to run behind? Our reports answer those questions and more.

In the same grain, it’s important for you to see your own tendencies so coaches can’t get a read on you. If you consistently run on first down, you might be able to catch your opponent off guard by designing a more air-centric attack for a game.

All of these reports are attached to video as well. Say an opponent ran the same pass play in the red zone over and over the last time you played them. Now you can easily organize those moments into a playlist to share with your players, preparing them to take that option away.

Box Score

box score in assist

Hudl’s box score becomes your one-stop shop for the game’s vital stats. It provides a score-by-quarter graphic, scoring summary and team stats for each side.

This is a great place to get a quick lowdown on what transpired on the field. All the meat-and-potatoes stats - total yards, first downs, penalties, etc. - are gathered in one place.

Again, all the stats are linked to video, making it easy to review your scoring plays, third-down attempts, turnovers and more.

Drive Chart

Drive Chart

It’s never been easier to break a game down, drive by drive. Clicking any drive will recall video of those plays, allowing you to quickly break down why you were able to get a key stop or score a critical touchdown.

This graphic also shows how many yards on each drive were gained by runs, passes and penalties. It helps you get a feel for the flow of the game, what role turnovers played and whether drives were of the quick-strike or methodical variety.

These breakdowns are the future of data and reports. They’re a faster and more appealing way to visualize all of the information we put in your hands. These reports are just another benefit of Hudl Assist and one more way to ease your weekly workflow. Any questions about how to access these reports are answered right here.